How to integrate Kwin in YOCTO?

We have i.mx6 board with a yocto-build (using weston as the compositor for wayland). We are facing issues with auto-rotate. We’re looking for Wayland compositor that supports auto-rotation. Got to know that KWin supports auto rotation. We’re using Dunfell (YOCTO) and need to know if we can integrate KWin.

We are using

Board : Toradex iMX6 Colibri board
BSP Version : BSP5
Weston version : 9
Touch Driver : STMPE-TS
Touch Driver Version : 1.0.1
Screen Connector : LVDS

Please let us know if any other details. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

If you aren’t getting responses, you’re welcome to bump the thread. But it seems more likely that you’re asking for free support for something that will requite professional engineering, especially if you’re asking on behalf of a commercial firm using KWin for commercial purposes.

If that’s the case, allow me to recommend one of KDE e.V.'s trusted consulting firms, which may be able to help you: KDE e.V. Trusted IT Consulting Firms - KDE e.V.