How to keep KRuler always on top

Hi all, I join all the others praising the amazing work that is being done in the KDE Suite. Neon, Plasma 6 user here, coming from Windows 10 :raised_hand:
It’s so thrilling to see what you’ve all been able to achieve with voluntary work :clap:

So among all the amazing tools, this suite also has a ruler, KRuler, but I’ve noticed there’s no easy way to simply keep it on top of other windows.
I’m an animator so I occasionally use it to keep track of stuff’s position on the screen.

Is this the right place to suggest this addition?


Oh wow, I missed that because I was right clicking on the ruler, not on the app manager down there.
Thanks a lot!

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Kruler, a great tool for the dev web !

To open kruler several time, open the terminal, a tab per new kruler


Awesome, that would probably have been the next question in line at some point :laughing:
Thank you!!

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You’re welcome.

you don’t need to go to the app (task) manager, you may have that hidden for example, as long as anything is focused, hit Alt+F3 (to bring up the Window Operations Menu).

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That also looks very useful, I’ll try to remember it, cheers!