How to make Klipper aware of new actions in "plasmashellrc"?


I’m considering to use Klipper actions more often, instead of pipelining xclip from a terminal. However, I feel that the GUI to edit such actions makes me spend a lot of time and has its limits. Don’t get me wrong: I think that the GUI is perfect when you just want to add an action from time to time, but I’ve lots of actions in mind and need to edit and reorganize them very often.

So I’ve ended up creating a Fmpp template and a script that updates the $HOME/.config/plasmashellrc file. Now, my problem is that I need to stop and start again the whole shell so that Klipper takes the changes. Is there a way to make Klipper aware of the changes without restarting the whole shell? Or some kind of import/export option?

I’ve disabled Klipper and enabled it again in the System Tray configuration, but it hasn’t worked.

Thank you in advance.