How to match multiple specific window classes for KWin rules?

I want rules in a list to act upon discord and yast2 - virtualization @ rqn6c6 simultaneously.

You can select window class (app) matching, from dropdown select Regular Expression and then specify the two application class names, e.g. discord|yast2.

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Would yast2 and yast2 - virtualization @ rqn6c6 act identically, then?

No. If yast2 - virtualization @ rqn6c6 is the full string you want to match you have to use that, instead of yast2. You could also use yast2 to match both (since that sub-string appears in both). For more info on the details search for some introduction/tutorial to regular expressions.

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I thought so. I only asked because krename’s regex is fairly funky.