How to modify the documentation?

Yes, I’ve read Formatting your tutorial | Developer. However, it doesn’t appear to state where I’m meant to acquire the documentation from (which you’d expect to be the first section). Do I clone Documentation / Developer Tutorial and Article Site · GitLab (per · ab390d219913d91f1a8835dbe2bfe41fc44cd7d3 · Documentation / Developer Tutorial and Article Site · GitLab)?

I ask because I’ve noticed some erroneous commas at Formatting your tutorial | Developer

  • group:, which lists sections with the same name under the same group. It can be seen in action in the Kirigami tutorial, with the groups Introduction, Style, Components, and Advanced. The groups need to be listed in the file of the tutorial.
  • aliases:, which creates aliases that can be used to shorten links. This is useful when linking to that page from elsewhere, or to keep old links working when content is moved.

and want to remediate that.,last%20modified,-today%20at%2011

That seems - more or less - as the correct thing to do. Specifically:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Fork the project develop-kde-org with your account.
  3. Clone the resulting fork, which will be a repository you own.
  4. Run the testing setup as documented in the README.
  5. Fix the documentation and test locally.
  6. Commit and push your changes.
  7. Go to your project on and and submit a merge request.

Good luck!


Thanks, @guss77: