How to reduce panel opacity

How do I reduce panel opacity to create a transparent effect? The built in transparent option does not actually make it transparent.

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I have been using Global Theme “Breeze” or “Breeze Dark” with “Maia Transparent” – from “Colors & Themes >> Plasma Style >> Get New” – and it has been working fine for years.

It is more “readable” if Blur is enabled in “Window Management >> Desktop Effects”.

There are other “Global Themes”, and / or “Plasma Styles”, and / or “Window Decorations” which give you transparency – but many of them are not available for Plasma 6.

So, I could keep “Transparent Oxygen” (Window Decorations) in my previously installed distros – but I could not get it in a new installed KDE Neon with Plasma 6.

Indeed, the lone “Panel Translucent / Opaque” has been frustrating for me, since the first time I have tried it, +/-2016.

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This question appears pretty often, it is a sign that KDE should do something about it. The panel should offer a transparency slider.


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I installed the Maia theme and it indeed works now. Configuring Blur in desktop effects also works.

Thank you for your help.

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Is there some documentation on what the panel opacity options do? I don’t see any changes no matter which one I choose, It’s quite confusing.

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