How to remove background echo from sped up voice clips

So one thing that I’ve noticed with speeding up clips in Kdenlive is that it also makes sped up voice audio sound like it gains a faint echo or reverb - I don’t really know what to call it. I’m sure you’re all familiar with it if you use it on a regular basis. It also tends to really screw up the voice audio if you speed it up past x2.1 the original value, such that getting tolerable results requires rendering the sped up clip independently & importing that into Kdenlive to make it more than x2.1 speed without serious sound issues.

If possible, I’d like the sped up audio to sound more smooth, maybe like the way Youtube audio sounds no matter how high you put the speed settings at. Is this achievable in Kdenlive? Does anyone know of a solution to this?

I tried playing around with various sound effects to see what could be causing this, and the closest way to replicate what sped up clips sound like that I found was the Flanger effect, but it’s still not exactly the same, and adding it to the sped up audio & changing the parameters doesn’t really get rid of the echo / reverb from what I’ve tried.

Anyone know a solution? And/or what the effect is called that occurs when the audio is sped up?

Hello @SonNormW25,
what do you use to make the speed changes? If you use Clip Speed, then it makes a big difference whether you turn on Pitsch compensation or not.
It could also be that your audio material doesn’t give more. How does it sound when you do the same with Audacity?

It’s the Clip Speed panel, yes, and I always use Pitch Compensation as well. It’s not the difference in pitch that’s the issue but the way the voice sounds a bit…reverbish. It’s not an echo strictly speaking but the way the audio comes through sounds like it’s a bit filtered through something, and kinda similar to what the Flanger effect does.

To clarify a bit more, I’m mainly looking for a way to make sped up audio sound as smooth as a Youtube video at 1.5x or even 2x speed, whereas in Kdenlive you get a sideffect where sped up and pitch compensated audio still sounds…iffy, filtered or Flanger like.

Btw, I’m using Kdenlive version 22.04.03

Correction: I do the speed change by right-clicking on a clip in the Project timeline and clicking on Change Speed which brings up the panel.

Here’s also a 30 second video comparison of the difference in sped up audio between Youtube speed settings and Kdenlive, both at 1.75x speed, yet Kdenlive sounds…less smooth?..a bit filtered?..Flanger like?..than the screen recording of the same video:

That version is about one year old. Or is it a typo, and you meant 23.04.3?

Not a typo. I am using the older version since I don’t want to upgrade just yet. Has this audio sound of sped up clips (well it’s not really an issue as it can easily be ignored, it’s just a minor effect on the audio that some may dislike) been improved in the later versions?