How to render Plasma Mobile application drawer as list (not grid)?

As you can see at Plasma Mobile: More Applications and an Improved Homescreen - Plasma Mobile

(and KDE's Plasma Mobile Gets Improved Homescreen and Settings, Lots of App Updates - 9to5Linux) Plasma Mobile should be able to render the application drawer as a list. I certainly recall being able to. However, I’ve just installed 20240417-1647-postmarketOS-edge-plasma-mobile-5-fairphone-fp4.img.xz, and I don’t see the option to.

Does anyone know where it is?

I ask because I really don’t parse grids well (I use Niagara-Issues/ at 18cff97c544f20c01428e0b606eaca99fa473c0f · 8bitPit/Niagara-Issues · GitHub on AOSP) and I installed this partially because I knew it would be able to provide a list regardless of its lack of user-facing shell modularity (launcher-like ecosystem).