How to reset kdenlive to the work bench status after installation?

I am running Kdenlive 23.04.-2 as Flatpack on my Manjaro-Linux. Yesterday I have accidentally misconfigured my Kdenlive work bench and cannot reconfigure it again.

I want to make a reset to the same status, which does appear, when I do a complete fresh installation of Kdenlive.

There should be a configuration file, which I could edit. Perhaps I could delete such a config and Kdenlive would generate a new one at the next start? I have looked for such a file / hidden file and could not find such.

Any ideas, how to reset Kdenlive?

Try: help → reset configuration.

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Sorry, that I have asked such a simple question here. I assume, I did not find the solution by myself as it was such obvious! :woozy_face:

Thank you for your reply!