How to reset the window snapping region?

This Reddit post in r/kde describes (paraphrased) a significant annoyance of mine:

I can snap the window to the edge or the side of the screen, having side-by-side apps, or 4 apps, by placing them at the edge of the screen. Then, you can click and drag the middle point of these grids of window/app to resize the layout of all window (you can also click and drag the horizontal or vertical line). It’s a very useful feature, but I accidentally moved the middle point, and it’s not all the same size now, which is bugging me. How can I reset this middle point?

I’ve not been able to ascertain an answer online. Considering that the OP and myself know solely of a reboot being a temporarily solution, it renders the ability to resize snapped windows of more problem than worth.

This matters to me not for desire for everything to be perfect (like the OP states). Instead, because I always want my screenshots to be divisions of 2 of 16:9, lest they be rendered incorrectly in a lot of situations.

I’ve been using Meta + T to work around this, but it’s not ideal.