How to save a clip without rendering in kdenlive?


It has been a while since I last used Kdenlive. I’m looking for an option that I previously used and can’t find at the moment.

If I remember correctly last time I was using Kdenlive I set zone in and zone out, right clicked somewhere (I believe it was the now created blue bar) and had the option to save the selected part of the video without rendering it. This was not only much, much faster, it also left the dimensions and resolution untouched.

I promised someone to help with a project but without this option I would not be able to end this on time. I still found the output of the original way from a previous project:
“filename-10-32.mp4” for example. It was saving the original filename with the timestamp of the exported video in the same folder as the original video.

Could someone help me out finding this option again? I slowly assume that it has been removed? Or am I blind? I only see the option to extract a frame and not the entire video.

Using Google as a solution also didn’t work. And yes, I definitely used Kdenlive. So now I rely on you guys to save the day :expressionless:

Don’t know if this is about at all what you’re after, but there is an app called Lossless Cut which let’s you edit a video and save it without ANY loss of quality. No need to render anything and you’ll have a ready same quality file clipped in seconds.

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Thank you. I gave it a quick try and it does the same thing even faster. I guess I will work with that for now.

Still if someone knows how to do the same task with Kdenlive I would be happy to know. I’m a bit puzzled that I can’t find it anymore.

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I wasn’t btw aware that you can actually do this within Kdenlive (a lossless little edit) and oust a video file of it without any rendering.