How to set maximum task manager width?

Is it possible to edit some configuration file to set maximum task manager width? I know it is adjusted dynamically according to how many applications are open, yet I want to tweak it.

To be honest You’re better off with Icon Only Menu.

It definitely can be done but requires some knowledge that I don’t have. But I’ve found some qt documentation

But I don’t know how to apply it. Do I need to create my own widgets to replace default?

Because the Task Manager doesn’t natively have this feature, you’ll need do do one of the following things:

  1. Edit the code of your system packages to add the feature. Downside: your changes will be blown away on every system update. Not recommended.
  2. Fork the widget locally and edit the code of your fork. Downside: you’ll miss any any upstream changes to the widget when you forget to sync them with your fork, which will eventually happen. Only recommended if you’re a technical expert who promises to sync upstream changes and not submit bug reports for issues found with your fork.

As an alternative, if you find a code change that works for you, you could consider submitting it upstream for consideration.

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