How to show images within kmail emails?

I have scoured settings but I can’t see anywhere obvious to allow images to show in emails. I have right clicked on sender to show html format and unchecked it but nothing has changed.

Can you please show me where to change this setting.

Thank you in advance.


From the Menus either in the Main Window (will change the behaviour for all e-Mails) or, in a specific e-Mail Window, choose ViewAttachments – choose “Inline” to display the attachments.

  • If the attachment can’t be displayed, an icon will be displayed.


Thanks for your reply but I had already tried that without success. Images still only show as icons within emails, regardless of setting changes. The images are jpg from my cctv but they only show as an icon. It will be disappointing if I can’t find a solution to and it will force me to return to Thunderbird.

What happens if, you right-click on the icon in the e-Mail?
Can you then display what the CCTV recorded?
Can you save the e-Mail attachment to a file?
Have you checked if, the VLC Media Player can display the CCTV content?

Hello, thank you for replying. I have stopped using kmail as I cannot find any solution but I have answered your questions below.

  • I can view the image when clicking on it but I want it to automatically show within the email as Thunderbird does this.
  • I can save the email attachment but when I have 100 emails, which sometimes happens from my cctv, I just want to quickly look at the email, see the image.
  • VLC does display the CCTV content as a rtsp://video but I do not want to see fixed images from within vlc, only video.