How to skip Krusader Trash with shortcut

I’m trying to find a way to skip trash on demand.
Every other file manager I’ve ever used allows you to use a modifier when using the delete key to bypass send to trash. There may be other modifiers, but Shift+Delete seems to be the most common.

I do want to keep trash enabled as default, but it’s cumbersome going to settings and disable using trash every time I want to permanently delete something. Is it possible to configure a shortcut, or even a Service Menu Action to achieve this?


By default krusader moves deleted files to trash. You can change that behaviour in settings, general, delete mode. You’ll then have a usual “move to trash” and “delete” function. However, you’ll only have a delete on the right click. But if you have a look at the shortcuts you’ll notice there’s a “alternative delete”. It’s the same as “move to trash” and comes with ctrl+del. That one you can put on your toolbar. Maybe change the icon cause it’s a bit confusing since it uses the same icon as delete.


Not sure how I missed it, but I guess “Alternative Delete” didn’t resonate.

Was able to change it to Shift+Delete, and the world makes sense again.