How to stop Dolphin from calculating child folder size/number of items completely?

My HDD has A LOT of files in it. The functionality to calculate the size of child folders is extremely inefficient in a situation like this. Plus, this functionality is pointless to me to begin with.

Is there a way to disable it? I’m not talking about simply hiding the size column. I’m talking about completely disabling that functionality from taking place.

“Settings > View modes > Details > Folder size displays” does nothing, meaning that even if I change it to “number of items” and set the depth to 0 items through dolphinrc (because the most it let’s you through the GUI is 1), the functionality continues to work in the background. I can tell due to my HDD spinning like crazy and how long it takes for Dolphin to tell me that all the child folders in a directory are 0 bites each.

Like I said, I need a way to stop this completely from working in the background.

That sounds like a bug; using the “number of items” setting should disable the content size indexing. I’d recommend you submit a bug report at

When I change it to number of items, it does count the number of items inside of child folders and displays just fine, but that also takes a long time and unnecessarily bothers the HDD.

What I mean is that I do not want Dolphin to neither calculate the size or to count the number of items in child folders. I only care about the the number of items in the current folder that I’m in, and the sizes of the files that are directly in it.

Thunar for example (my other file manager) does exactly that and it’s really snappy.

Oh. I don’t think you can do that right now. It’s one or the other.

Hopefully they add this in future releases. That’s what originally pushed me to become a Thunar user: when I ran GNOME, Nautilus also counted the number of items inside of child folders, causing it to lag/be slow. Now that I’m on KDE, I can say for certain that Dolphin is much better than Nautilus due to the options it offers, but the inability to disable the functionality in question makes it so that I’m tied to Thunar.

Like I said, this may be useful to some people, but I have no use for it. I can see myself using this feature from time to time, for example when doing cleanup, but defiantly not during regular use. I honestly don’t understand why both Nautilus and Dolphin do it and by default. It really doesn’t play well when there are terabytes worth of data, with many files, folders etc.

Hopefully they add this in future releases

Please report a feature request on
That’s a fair feature request.

There is a workaround with its own drawback : hide the size column.

I am the co-maintainer of Dolphin, and some dolphin contributors look at so the they is perhaps not adapted. We are human part of the community devoting some of our time to help others not anonymous neither secretive.

Ok thank you! I posted it: 477187 – Option to disable calculating the size and number of items in child directories

Btw last time I tried that workaround with hiding the size column, Dolphin still did it - i can easily tell when my HDD is spinning due to the noise it makes. Then when I showed the column, it had the size numbers ready instantly - in other words it was working in the background. Plus, I really need the size column for actual files in the directory.

Details view including all of: name, size, date, type, permissions, owner, group is an absolute must for me.