How to stop GNOME Flatpak apps from using KDE icons?

I am using tons of GNOME Circle or core GNOME apps as Flatpaks.

And still they all use the KDE Icons, which are incomplete and look bad.

Is there a way to make the flatpak apps not have access to these icons, so they need to fallback to their builtin set? Or are the icons not even implemented and need to be served by the OS?

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Which System Settings Application Style setting are you using for the “Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style…”?

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Hey, I am using “default” and in the preview, the dropdown icons are all the KDE icons, which indicates that that is not using Adwaita but some Breeze thing.

I am using Fedora 39 Kinoite, this may be an issue with a pacakge?

Dopping a screenshot just for the visual people among you.

You see the CSD decorations and all icons look pretty bad (I think I prefer the Adwaita icons?).

This is also happening on fully sandboxed flatpak apps like G4Music (picture)


Here with openSUSE Leap –

 > zypper search adwaita
Repository-Daten werden geladen...
Installierte Pakete werden gelesen...

S  | Name                                        | Summary                                                  | Type
i+ | adwaita-icon-theme                          | GNOME Icon Theme                                         | Paket
   | adwaita-qt-src-debuginfo                    | Debug information for package adwaita-qt-src             | Paket
   | adwaita-qt-src-debugsource                  | Debug sources for package adwaita-qt-src                 | Paket
   | adwaita-qt5                                 | Adwaita Qt5 Theme                                        | Paket
   | adwaita-qt5-debuginfo                       | Debug information for package adwaita-qt5                | Paket
   | adwaita-qt6                                 | Adwaita Qt6 theme                                        | Paket
   | adwaita-qt6-debuginfo                       | Debug information for package adwaita-qt6                | Paket
   | adwaita-qt6-src-debuginfo                   | Debug information for package adwaita-qt6-src            | Paket
   | adwaita-qt6-src-debugsource                 | Debug sources for package adwaita-qt6-src                | Paket
   | adwaita-xfce-icon-theme                     | Icon theme for Xfce complementing Adwaita                | Paket
   | adwaita-xfce-icon-theme                     | Icon theme for Xfce complementing Adwaita                | Quellpaket
i+ | gtk2-metatheme-adwaita                      | Adwaita GNOME Theme -- GTK+ 2 Unterstützung              | Paket
i+ | gtk2-theming-engine-adwaita                 | Adwaita GTK+ Theming Engine                              | Paket
   | gtk2-theming-engine-adwaita-32bit           | Adwaita GTK+ Theming Engine                              | Paket
   | gtk2-theming-engine-adwaita-32bit-debuginfo | Debug information for package gtk2-theming-engine-adwa-> | Paket
   | gtk2-theming-engine-adwaita-debuginfo       | Debug information for package gtk2-theming-engine-adwa-> | Paket
i+ | gtk3-metatheme-adwaita                      | Adwaita GNOME Theme -- GTK+ 3 Unterstützung              | Paket
   | libadwaita-1-0                              | Building blocks for modern GNOME applications            | Paket
   | libadwaita-1-0-debuginfo                    | Debug information for package libadwaita-1-0             | Paket
   | libadwaita-debugsource                      | Debug sources for package libadwaita                     | Paket
   | libadwaita-devel                            | Development files for the Adwaita library                | Paket
   | libadwaita-docs                             | Developer documentation for libadwaita                   | Paket
   | libadwaita-lang                             | Translations for package libadwaita                      | Paket
   | libadwaita-qt5-devel                        | Development files for libadwaita-qt5                     | Paket
   | libadwaita-qt6-devel                        | Development files for libadwaita-qt6                     | Paket
   | libadwaitaqt5-1                             | Adwaita Qt5 library                                      | Paket
   | libadwaitaqt5-1-debuginfo                   | Debug information for package libadwaitaqt5-1            | Paket
   | libadwaitaqt6-1                             | Adwaita Qt6 library                                      | Paket
   | libadwaitaqt6-1-debuginfo                   | Debug information for package libadwaitaqt6-1            | Paket
i+ | metatheme-adwaita-common                    | Adwaita GNOME Theme - Gemeinsame Dateien                 | Paket
   | openbox-adwaita-ob-theme                    | Adwaita theme for the Openbox Window Manager             | Paket

Maybe, you’re missing an Adwaita package …

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I dont think an adwaita-qt is needed, that is for theming Qt apps with adwaita.

A style to bend Qt applications to look like they belong into GNOME Shell