How to switch Aurorae window decorations using the command

I want to control my plasma theme through the command line, similar to plasma-apply-lookandfeel. But now I want to replace the Aurorae window decorations individually
how can i solve
I am doing something similar to Day and Night color scheme switching (#59) · Issues · Plasma / Plasma Workspace · GitLab. My implementation is to use the CLI to switch themes, but KDE does not seem to provide a way to switch the aurorae window. For the CLI program of decorations, I checked the code at src/kcms/decoration/kwin-applywindowdecoration.cpp · master · Plasma / KWin · GitLab and found that it seemed to require QDBUS but go- dbus has stopped maintenance, so how should I solve the problem of switching aurorae window decorations

Are you using Go to execute the commands? You should be able to call the debus-send command in the same fashion as the code you linked from a shell script.

ref: dbus

Forgive me,I don’t quite understand the relationship between DBUS and QDBUS, how they interact