How to take a screenshot of Spectacle?

I can’t seem to – it always disappears if I use Window Under Cursor, or doesn’t consider itself the Active Window.

Do you want a screen recording?

This might be a bug. I can reproduce it on X11 in Plasma 6, but I had assumed it was a Plasma-6-specific issue. If you can reproduce it in Plasma 5, I think it’s worth submitting a bug report about it.

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Isn’t that intentional? Spectacle is DBus activated, it probably has some code to ensure only one instance is running at all times unless you open new Spectacle windows with --new-instance.

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@ngraham, 470267 – Spectacle cannot screenshot itself..

@Herzenschein, mandating one instance in every situation other than this is intentional, but preventing this ability certainly isn’t. Exceptions to every rule tend to appear after enough time, and this is a fairly significant one.

That makes sense. It should be added to the documentation.


You can just start a second spectacle with the --new-instance. command and record the first instance of spectacle. Imho it totally makes sense, 99,1337% of the time you don’t want to have spectacle screenshot itself. It just needs to be properly documented.


So for a normal PC user to take a screenshot of spectacle’s window, you expect them to use two shell instances via the commandline after reading the documentation of the app?

That’s not going to occur.

It also doesn’t work:

Try it – open two shells, and invoke spectacle --new-instance in them. Then try using Meta+PrintScreen. Multiple instances completely breaks spectacle’s keybinds.

I’d like to record this, but

demonstrates that spectacle --new-instance also prevents screen capture, so you’ll have to verify it yourself.

The only reason I can imagine to screenshot your screenshoting tool is to report bugs? If you want to report a bug you probably should read the documentation beforehand.

That makes sense to me, probably that is why it only open once, unless you force a second window.

Making a screenshot using the spectacle --new-instance method works fine for me.

Yeah, I’ve discovered a bug.

Using spectacle --new-instance has completely removed the screen recoding functionality for me, but I’m fairly confident I’m using as close to plasma 6 as is offered for OpenSUSE Tumbleweed:

so it’s to be expected.