How to take screenshot of context menu with Spectacle?

states that

This is a longstanding limitation in the X11 server. Global keyboard shortcuts in general don’t work properly with dropdown menus. By contrast, this works without any problems on Wayland: hitting PrtScr while a menu is open captures the menu just fine.

but this doesn’t work for me, at all. Not even a delay works

As a workaround, open spectacle beforehand, set a delay, and open the menu in that time.

on X or Wayland.

Works fine for me. Which version of Spectacle are you using?

PS /home/rokejulianlockhart> zypper info spectacle    

Information for package spectacle:
Repository     : KDE:Unstable:Applications
Name           : spectacle
Version        : 23.07.70git.20230524T014952~8e4ffc9-ku.51.1
Arch           : x86_64
Vendor         : obs://
Installed Size : 1.0 MiB
Installed      : Yes
Status         : out-of-date (version 23.07.70git.20230521T180403~14a629c-ku.47.1 installed)
Source package : spectacle-23.07.70git.20230524T014952~8e4ffc9-ku.51.1.src
Upstream URL   :

PS /home/rokejulianlockhart>

I’m using OpenSUSE. Its version of Wayland does seem really buggy in weird ways. Perhaps it needs to be reinstalled…

Just to clarify you open a menu and then press PrtScr and it doesn’t capture the context menu?

Like this doesn’t work for you?

What do you mean by “not even a delay” works? As in, it doesn’t delay, or the menu isn’t captured even after the delay?

@bharadwaj-raju, that.

@Duha, it creates

Are you using “Active Window” or “Window under Cursor” mode? If so, does it work if you use “Rectangular Region” or “Full screen” mode in conjunction with a delay?

If that works, it might be the same issue as 469793 – Spectacle selected window recording doesn't include menu bar/hamburger menu but applies to screenshots, not recordings.

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Ahhh now I can reproduce. “Active Window” (or using Meta+PrtScr) doesn’t show context menu. Using Full screen (Or PrtScr or Shift+PrtScr) will show the context menu.


It indeed works in those modes, so it must be the same issue.

However, per

should the bug title be changed, or should I report a new bug?

I expect that the issue is that ultimately, context menus are separate windows. (It’s sometimes demonstrated when the compositor screws-up.)

You can report a new bug, and link them using the “See also” field in Bugzilla.

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@ngraham, 470301 – Spectacle cannot screenshot context menus.