How to track Plasma 6.1 Branch

Apologies if this is in the docs somewhere, I couldn’t find it.

How do I configure kdesrc-build/kde-builder to track the Plasma 6.1 branch (for testing purposes)?

kdesrc-build and kde-builder have this concept of branch groups, which determine the branch for each repository that will be checked out (and subsequently built).

The actual branch data comes from Sysadmin / Git Repository Metadata · GitLab, and the Plasma repository branches in particular are aggregated here. Which shows that the stable-kf6-qt6 branch group for workspace repositories is already on Plasma/6.1.

So you should be getting the right configuration if you specify this in your kdesrc-buildrc (or whatever kde-builder might be using instead):

# anywhere between "global" and "end global"
    branch-group stable-kf6-qt6

If you’ve previously set up kdesrc-build, you probably have a template with (unstable) branch-group kf6-qt6 already. Make sure to modify that instead of adding an extra line.

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@jpetso Thanks for the full and clear explanation :+1: