How to UN-encrypt my *.kmy

Lots of posts on encrypting but I’d like to go back to an unencrypted file.
Regards, M.

Two ways I can think of.

  1. Within KMM, do Save As… and explicitly set the file extension to xml instead of kmy.
  2. Outside of KMM, rename your file from file.kmy to file.xml.gzip and then gunzip it. In this case, you will have to explicitly tell KMM to open the new file, or else it will try to open the last file it had open, and will either fail or open the old one if you copied it instead of renaming.

Thank you. Those tips set me on the correct path…
I couldn’t get (2.) to work?
But the KMM | Save As… with some polishing did work for me. For any others finding this thread, this is what I did:
a.) File | Save As… |Select XML from drop-down | OK
b.) In the “Select additional keys” dialog, chose “No encryption” from the drop-down | Then OK
c.) Give the file a name. The .kmy extension can remain.

Sorry - my bad. I read too fast. I actually gave you instructions for un-compressed, not un-encrypted. For my second suggestions to have worked, it would also need a decrypt step. You can’t encrypt without compressing, but you can certainly compress without encrypting.
Glad you figured it out, despite my mistake.