How to unhide the Output, Diagnostics, Search, Project buttons in Kate?


I have two computers with a similar setup. On one of them, the Output, Diagnostics, Search, and Project buttons on the left of the bottom bar disappeared after an update of Kate (updated to version 24.02.1 when this happened, now at 24.02.2 and still have the same issue). They were still there on the other computer after the update.

To try to understand, I right-clicked on one of the buttons and selected “Hide Button”. I was expecting a pop-up saying how to bring it back, like when we hide the menu bar for example and it says we can press Ctrl + M to show it again. However now the button is gone and I have no idea how to bring it back. I went through all the menus and looked online but didn’t find anything about this. Please help, thanks!

From the main menu, see


Or search for the action in command bar (Ctrl + Alt + I)