How to use Audio Seam

How to use Audio Stream effect?

The filter works as a track effect best. It eliminate cracks that can happen on clip cuts.

Discontinuity Threshold: The delta between the last sample of one clip and the first sample of the following clip that are spliced. If the delta is above the discontinuity threshold, then smoothing will be applied.

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I make screen recordings and prepare training videos for YouTube.
I use kdenlive to edit my recorded videos.
I’m trying to make a smoother video by trimming the silent parts between conversations in the video.
Kdenlive is a very good program, but the unwanted cracking sounds are annoying. These sounds occur at the beginning of the trimmed video clip.
To fix this problem, I expand the clip with the cracking sound a few frames to the left.
However, in the next rendering process, a cracking sound occurs in another location. I have to render the video several times to completely remove the cracking sound. Of course, this is annoying and very time consuming.
I used the “Auto Fade” effect, one of the newly added effects, in the audio clips, but I still encountered the cracking sound.
Maybe the “fade duration = 200” value was insufficient. However, larger values make the fade effect in the audio clip more pronounced.

Which effect do you recommend I use?
Is it enough if I use the Audio Seam effect only for the track?

Thanks for the information you provided.

I guess you make screen recording with OBS.

Audio Fade and Audio Seam can be attached to the audio track you have crackling. Then it gets applied to all cuts on that track.

If Audio Seam doesn’t solve the problem try the following:

Convert the audio to 16-bit PCM WAV and try again.

I used the “Audio Seam” effect in the project in the attached file, but a cracking sound occurred in the rendered video file.
The cracking sound is at 00:14:10.