How to use KDE Connect with openVPN?

Hi there, I am using openVPN in “tun” mode.
While all devices can ping each other, I am not able to connect my phone to KDE connect.
When I disconnect from VPN, everything works, switching on VPN again, the clients wont see each other in KDE connect.
I set fix IP addresses, but I am not able to connect.
So, what do I need to do to connect via VPN?

On my Laptop, I route all traffic throught openvpn,

redirect-gateway def1

and it works. I can See and connect with my android.

But on my Desktop, I don’t route everything. And there, I see nothing .
I tried to push my local LAN ip4, but it still wont work. I entered Ip4 and ip6 Adresses of the Desktops Tunnel and local LAN Addresse, but still with no luck

for my android, I am still pushing the route of my local lan.
And on the desktop, I started from a clean configuration again:

killall kdeconnectd
mv ~/.config/kdeconnect ~/.config/kdeconnect.bak

Now it works, and both Laptop and Desktop are connected to my android over the openVPN tunnel.

If removing that directory solved the problem, it is a bug with KDE connect so please report that on !!

That directory holds your private key, trusted devices, config etc so something in there made it not work it seems.

So if it worked before and then stopped working (without you editing any configs), it is a bug.