I am not finding a way to import LUTs

I am new to Kdenlive and have version 23.04.1 (Windows). I am attempting to import a LUT from Canon for clog3 clips. When I place the “Apply LUT” icon on the clip, the control box appears with the Effects/Composition tab active. I can apply any of the four supplied LUTs. When I click the “custom” choice, it opens my file explorer and I navigate to the LUT that I previously downloaded from Canon and double click on the LUT I want to use, but the entire process ends at that point. The preferred LUT is not placed on the clip and that LUT does not appear in the list of LUTs available for use. I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Make sure the LUT you imported is supported by Kdenlive.

I have also come across a case where the downloaded LUT was not applied because its header was different from the supplied ones even though the format was the same. You may need to tinker with the LUT header using any text editor.

Thank you so much for your help!! The LUTs I downloaded from Canon had some 2D and some 3D files. I had used the 2D LUTs originally, so I tried a 3D LUT and it immediately loaded!! Again, thank you for taking the time to respond to my question!

Sure. No worries! Glad I could help …