I can't get plasma-browser-integration working (Firefox)

I’m Running Kubuntu 24.04 with KDE 5.27.11 with Firefox 126.0.1
I Installed the Plugin to be able to pause/play youtube videos using my keyboard’s media control keys.

it gave me a message/dialog box asking me to give permission i think? i remember pressing yes anyhow a few times.

i have this error:

The plugin version is 1.8.1

And yes, i have plasma-browser-integration installed and tried reinstalling it.
and even tried reinstalling firefox (snap). i don’t know if this is a permission problem somewhere? i tried everything. please help me :<

i tried a fresh install on another computer and i believe this might be the problem:

i may of pressed cancel on my system instead of Ok.

I cannot find any “privacy settings”
where is this done? i cannot find a cli command for this either.