I don't know how to get the project monitor back

I’m new here and just wanted to do something simple with some artwork I drew for a video. The project monitor just vanished when I was trying to use transform to make the video get smaller and larger in size using keyframes. I have no idea what I did wrong. Please help me.


First, welcome to the KDE Discuss Forums.

Which KDE Plasma application are you referring to?

And –

  • Which Linux distribution are you using?
  • Which KDE Plasma version are you using?
  • Which version of the affected application are you using?

How much free memory does your system have?

  • The CLI command “free --human” displays how much memory is available on your system.

Go to Kdenlive Menu > View > Project Monitor

I finally figured it out. It took me five hours to finally get it to work for me but I’m getting the video done now. Thanks so much.

And how did you do it? It sounds a bit more complicated than just enabling the widget to be displayed via the View menu …