I Fixed KDE's 6 Winner Wallpaper 4 Variants. Its Better Now

I was surprised how anappealing the winner wallpaper was. Degustibus not disputandum est, but I had sat down yesterday in front of my very old computer with a staggering 3.6 GB RAM, 15W, 10 y.o. CPU, 13inch [LG :frowning: ] screen, fired up Gimp and, long and behold, after some crashes (not enough RAM), and then some more crashes, I ened up with the following result.

Please click “download orignal photo” and open them in full screen (ctrl+shift+F). Thumbnails absolutely do not do a justice to the beautiful art. You would only assume they are very bad; very bad.
Galleery is here:

Enjoy! :grinning:

Interesting work :smile: but I would not say you ‘fixed’ that image