I have a question about setting up a network proxy

I’m running Kubuntu 23.04.

And was using an android app called “NetShare Pro”.
It allows you to use your cell data by proxy.

I changed the settings under: Settings>Network>Settings>Proxy. I set this to the option “Use Manually Specified Proxy Configuration” IP: Port: 8282 (as per the app instructions).

But was unable to use the proxy connection.

I ended up just setting firefox to use the proxy connection so I could work. So, problem solved kinda.

Did I miss a step? Am I supposed to reset the network or restart or something for the proxy setting to take effect?

I’m not sure if you saw the message, but this shows up at the bottom when trying to use the Proxy settings:

Not all applications will use this proxy setting. In particular, Firefox and Chromium or anything derived from them, or anything using QtWebEngine - which includes Konqueror using the WebEnginePart, Akregator and Falkon - will not use these settings. Some applications may allow the proxy to be configured in their own settings.

I think this category is not very clear what it’s true purpose is :frowning: The correct way is to configure it in Firefox, like you did.

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See that becomes a problem. Because then my other applications are not able to use the proxy. Only Firefox would be able to use the proxy.

I did see that warning, and it was confusing.

I tried to use “Use System Proxy Configuration” first. But there is no spot for the port setting. I used But it didn’t work.