I love that the panel and desktop management tool exists, but I shouldn't need it so often

This screenshot shows exactly why I’ve opened this window in the first place. I use two screens, with my left display being my primary display, when its connected. I use it for gaming, and not just on my PC. When I change inputs on the left display, my right display becomes my primary display. This is all great, working as intended.

But now my panel is gone. You see, I keep my panel on my right display, where I never use full screen content. When the primary display disconnected, my right display became screen 1, and now the panel gone, because its on the disconnected screen 2.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has this dance, it must effect at least 1 laptop user out there. This would be a nice thing to get fixed before Plasma 6 lands.

Hello @XirXes yeah with laptops and if I did same as you got similar result, put it down to the the machine likes to (prefers) to use the same display setup that is a big PITA I found with laptop to Ext-screen setup,
I think there could be a way to set those settings up (yours) and have it permanent but I have not found any setting so far, still searching and experimenting when an idea strikes, maybe someone else will know a of a good fix for you and many others.

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