I‘m using flatpak version kdenlive but I can't use Whisper

I installed kdenlive in the software source, but the version is a bit old and there is no Whisper, so I use the Flatpak version of kdenlive, but Whisper cannot be used, I installed it but it cannot be detected

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Sorry for the late reply. Did you follow the installation and configuration instructions from the official Kdenlive documentation?

IIRC, flatpak kind of isolates the applications and makes interaction a bit more complicated. You may want to use the Kdenlive appimage or if your distro allows that install from the kdenlive-stable ppa.

I have the same trouble:

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Same problem.

Also can’t seem to configure a python virtual environment with the Flatpak version :frowning:
Both on version 23.something and the latest 24.05 it’s not able to do the necessary things with the filesystem.

After trying the AppImage version instead, it appears to be a problem with the Flatpak version of Kdenlive not being able to make a python virtual environment or install the Whisper dependencies(or even pick up an option for the Device dropdown)