I ran portal reloaded with -vulkan and now kde is broken on that user

Me and my friend were going to play portal reloaded co op so i booted up the game. It was having a simmilar issue to portal 2 where it thought my 2 screens were one but it was rendering the game only on one screen. I added -vulkan as a game argument and ran the game which caused the desktop to bug out weirdly. At the end i only had one screen on, the taskbar gone. After restarting the issue persisted.

Im sorry im not very experienced with giving logs to these things but i will give as much as i can think of.

I use fedora 39, kde edition. Pretty new kernel. Checked logs by doing journalctl and grepping for kde but i dont think i got anything, this part i could have done incorrectly tho.

Please tell me how to provide anything else.