iCal Calender Folder akonadi resource doesn't seem to create any files

I’m hoping to set up some PC-local calendar and TODO entries that I could possibly sync via SyncThing, e.g. to another KDE device. I’ve been trying out iCal Calendar Folder, where presumably each event is its own file and there is presumably much less risk of awkward conflicts.

When I create one of these, I am able to create both events and TODOs inside Korganizer but the directory that I chose remains empty. The events are still there - I guess they’re in the akonadi database? But they don’t seem to be backed by any files. The autosave is on the default setting of “5 minutes” and much more time than that has passed.

I have separately tried out iCal Calendar File and the events/TODOs are immediately reflected in the .ics file on disk. As noted above this isn’t the best format for cross-device sync though.

Am I holding it wrong, or should I log a bug? Running KOrganizer version 5.23.1 (23.04.1) on OpenSUSE.

Oops I should have searched on the bug tracker itself before posting. This has in fact been reported before: 436693 – akonadi_icaldir_resource does not write events/calender entries to directory