Icon-only task manager issue, is it a bug?

IDK if this is a bug, so I need a 2nd opinion and I need to know if its fixable by changing something I missed.

Somehow whenever I open a pinned app on the task manager it always, even with just 2 other apps open, the last icon on the list goes bellow the task manager, even though I have it set to not have a 2nd line.
I’m using KDE Neon with the latest updates on a Dell Latitude E6430, it only happens with a dedicated panel for the icon-only task manager, I haven’t seen it with a full panel edge to edge.

—Plasma Setup and demo of problem—

Video Demo: https://youtu.be/qS8F6j1jikQ

Any ideas of what could it be? Can it be fixed, or should I make a bug report?

Does it happen with every plasma theme? And if it does, does increasing the size of the panel just a bit still produce the issue?

Yes to both, encountered even in a different profile I have for theming