Icons-only Task Manager: How to open all running instances of a program

Good Afternoon

I am running Manjaro Linux with the Plasma desktop. I use the Icons-only task manager (3.0).

The easiest way to ask my question is to describe an example.

If I have, say, 5-10 files open with LibreOffice Writer, those instances are stacked under a single icon in the task bar. That is exactly what I want. However, if I want to open all instances, I have to click on each one.

I assume there is a simple way to open all, however, I am unable to find anything online to indicate how to do so.

It may be (highly unlikely) that Icons-only task manager does not have that capability. If so, can anyone suggest a more fully-functioned alternative?

Thanks in advance for any information.

Stephen Meatheringham
Canberra, Australia

may not be exactly what you are looking for but if you right click, under more… configure

you can select the click on grouped tasks option that says show large window preview

that will bring up a overview of all the open instances on one screen

from there you still have to pick the one you want to focus on tho.

otherwise it sounds like grouping instances under one icon is not how you want the taskmanager to behave… it might suit your needs better to have them separate.