I'd like to suggest an improvement to the Fonts dialog

I’ve had issues with how KDE’s Font Selection dialog works for a while, and would like to suggest some changes.
The major points are:

  • The Font List is unbearable to use, it should not be listing EVERY variation of each font family, only the top level font family (eg. Noto, but not Noto Sans Myanmar Thin, Noto Serif Javanese Bold, etc)
  • It’s past time to support proper handling of variable fonts.

I’m not a programmer, so this is only a clickable mockup:
QtDesigner source file (link fixed)

your link is access denied

we should still be able to glide thru the entire font library with a large preview area so we can visually see what each one looks like

when you are hunting for the right look, this is the only way to find what you need.

small update:

For those who like the cumbersome AF current Face list, there’s the drop list at the top for that

This isn’t a KDE dialog; it comes straight from Qt.

Therefore there are two options for changing it:

  • Submit changes upstream in Qt
  • Override it locally to make a totally custom KDE-only font dialog that you see when you’re using plasma-integration (which you generally are when you have Plasma installed)