Import CSV for Transactions to One Account

I downloaded a list of transactions from my bank. I have that in CSV format. I’m in the process of importing that CSV file. I don’t see where I choose which account those transactions will be imported to. Is there a place in the Import Wizard where I do that, or do I need to create a column which includes the account name?

Ubuntu 22
KMyMoney 5.1.2

I believe that is specified in the import wizard. No point in
specifying it in the csv file, as you can only import to a single
account at a time.

I find it useful to begin in the CSV file, sort by payee, and enter the categories there.

How does KMyMoney match the categories in that to the categories in KMyMoney? It looks like it doesn’t make an effort to match. It just imports the transaction and gives it the category from the CSV. It appears to just create whatever categories are needed. If a transaction has a mis-spelled “Auto” category (e.g. “Atuo”) then a new category “Atuo” is created.

How does it handle sub-categories?

ipwizard might need to weigh in on the intricacies of matching on import, but I can provide some information. First, there is no real distinction between categories and subcategories. All are just Categories - the organization is only in how they are displayed in the full hierarchy, and how sums are accumulated/rolled up. On import, the main matching is for the Payee, and if that Payee has a default Category, that is what is used in the new transaction. If the imported transaction is matched to an existing transaction, then the Category of that transaction is used. Specifying a column for category should take precedence.

Also, it is possible to specify the account to import to in the first row of the csv file - there is a checkbox for this in the csv import wizard.

I suspect the best way to figure it out is just to try it (with a copy of your data file, so it’s easier to start over if it doesn’t do what you want/expect.