Improve Battery icon Accessibility for all

Currently on enabling battery percentage to be visible inside the icon, the numbers are too tiny and the battery charging status is almost not noticeable and am forced to look very closely to the screen.

Hence I suggest for accessibility improvements for those icons as follows:

65%(Battery icon), either number separate from battery icon or inside the battery icon along with following emojis.

Battery icon will have the following emojis inside it on respective scenarios:

While Charging: :zap: or :electric_plug:
While Not Charging: :shamrock:,:yellow_heart:,:fire: for powersaver, balanced, performance modes respectively
Low charge: :warning: or​:exclamation:

This way just a glance at the look of the indicator one can refer the status of the battery.

This improvement covers accessibility for:
poor_eye_visioned people

From customisation aspect, people can choose to opt whether emoji should be shown inside the icon or not and alternating it with battery percentage if they need.

Also to point out that improving accessibility is one of the key things in KDE’s current roadmap too.

Any suggestions /improvements or comments, please feel free to reply.

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If implementing all these emojis and icons are hard, here’s another way to achieve the same.

Eg: 60%+(ps)
60% represents the battery percentage

  • represents the charging status
    ps represents the powersaver mode

This is much easier to implement too ig, but visually not appealing for many, but still helps with accessibility.