Improved exif Metadata Usage in Dolphin

A nice-to-have for me would be for dolphin to be able to:

  1. Sense and display any and all exif metadata structures in a file and show me that info in the side panel. Now, this could certainly be a lot of info, so to make it even more challenging there would probably need to be some way that I, as a user, could control what gets displayed and the order of it.

  2. The awesome part would be: Being able to use the exif metadata to browse, search, and filter. For example: “Show me all PDF docs that have the keywords Morocco and Expenses in their metadata keywords field.”

The value of using exif metadata is that, being embedded in the file itself, it survives things like a passage through Dropbox, etc.

The disadvantage, of course, is that not all file types support embedded exif metadata.

The challenge is that there are no real industry standards for exif metadata structures.

Well - the category is ‘brainstorm,’ so I though I’d put it out there.

NOTE: This is perhaps somewhat related to the topic: " How to fix tags in Dolphin" in that, for me, this is about leveraging exif metadata to organize and manage files.

AFAICS, the Exif standard only applies to the following file formats –

  • JPEG
  • TIFF

JPEG 2000 and GIF file formats are not supported.
The DCF file format standard has some tag definitions which overlap with the Exif standard.
As of mid-2017, the PNG standard allowed that, Exif data be included in the eXIF ancillary chunk.

And, there’s also the IPTC and XMP data included in digital image files.

The PDF file format has 2 distinct types of metadata –

  • The Document Information Dictionary.
  • XMP Metadata Streams.

AFAICS, Dolphin already displays some of the JPEG Exif field values and some of the PDF metadata, in the “Details” tab of the file’s properties.

Yes, I agree with all you say. For me, seeing all the DID and XMP data in the PDF docs would be a win; esp the ‘Keywords’ - which I use as Tags in all my sheet music PDF files.

Anywhere there is a ‘Title,’ ‘Description,’ ‘Comments,’ and ‘Keywords’ (or ‘Tags’) field would be good to show that data (and dolphin does seem to consistently show Title and Descriptions when that data is present in a file).

And of course if one could search/filter/sort files using any ‘Keywords’ (or ‘Tags’) metadata present…

AFAICS, Lilypond currently drops some information in generated PDF files and, KFind will find that information –

You’re right! How did I not know that? In my case I use Musescore to make the sheet music; then I populate the metadata using exiftool. Just tried it for myself this morning and it works - see screenshot. Kfind apparently won’t pick up XMP structure I’ve populated into the pdf doc; but this does get me 80% of what I was looking for. Thank you Franken!