Improvements to multicam editing and rolling trim

I’m stuck in a dilemma over the multicam feature which drew much attention on release and brought me to Kdenlive but I never investigated until now. I like to use Kdenlive for its robust framework and hardware support however the multicam mechanism does not meet the state configured in the majority of editors, such as the ones referenced in the wiki manual and dev ideas. Multicam in other software will produce a state which allows implemented rolling trim to readjust the timing of the cut from one camera to another. In Kdenlive, this procedure requires selective trimming of clips across tracks. Kdenlive also produces a “destructive” leaning state where the source clip is trimmed out, adding more steps to revisit and insert sections and effectively limiting reuse of the multicam tool multiple times over the same section of the timeline. Other software don’t face this problem since the multicam trim creates a separate track and inserts copies of the source clip into it.
Now that Kdenlive composites within a single track, I can envision rolling trim to enter the build by some point, in the way memoed here:

My question is, can this feature be opened for testing by a foreseeable point, and can the multicam tool offer an option to copy trimmed clips into another track for use with the feature? My dilemma… take same time out to learn the VSE in Blender for the project I’m working on, as it can edit multicam with rolling trim.

Can’t help you, sorry.

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thanks i’ll do it :slight_smile: