In Dolphin: Is it possible to move the 'size' column to the left of the 'name' column?

Dolphin 22.04.03, Plasma 5.24

It seems Dolphin, for some reason, forbids me to drag the ‘size’ column (or any other column) to the left of the ‘name’ column (in Detailed view).

I tried looking for the files where this info is stored, to see if I could override it, but I could not find any file indicating which columns are displayed in what order.

Is there any workaround to this?

It is not possible at the moment.

I get it, but… if something “not possible” was a “solution”, the history of human progress would be significantly different

Well, it’s an answer to the question.

Anything is possible to change, of course. This is open-source software so the only barriers to doing so are technical and collaboration skills.