In Konsole, is there a way to override the hotkey settings momentarily, without having to change the hotkey?

I never thought this would be a problem. I need to press alt+f for something in YaST2. But that is the hotkey for find.

I’m bound to have something happen like this again. Is there a way to override the programs hotkeys to say

“hey, I am wanting to temporarily disable the hotkeys for Konsole, but as soon as I’m done I want the hotkeys to be active again!”


So it turns out that Alt+f is not a shortcut in Konsole…

I don’t know what to do now…

Global shortcuts?

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No, It’s the accessibility thing that built into all window managers. Press Alt lets you use keyboard shortcuts to select visible menu items.

I’ve decided to just live with it. It’s just a minor annoyance that I have to tab over to this one setting because of this config. But it’s not a big enough deal to put more effort into.