In multi-row, sometimes application icons pinned to the task manager use far too much space

I’ve been avoiding posting this for a while, since I was having problems trying to describe the problem exactly. It is similar to other task manager issues, but I don’t see any other reports quite the same.
I am on artix linux, open-rc (no systemd,) and xorg, with plasma-workspace
When I pin applications to the task manager, their icon is shown taking up only as much space as it needs. When I click on it, the application runs, and it gets a new “tab” (what’s the right term here?) on the task manager which is long enough to include the icon and application name (or current tab title for firefox, for example.) As mentioned in other threads, I’d be happier if the icon disappeared while there was a “tab” for the running program, but I’m happy to leave that discussion for elsewhere.
The problem here is that if I have the task manager set to use more than one row if necessary, then once it starts using the second row, the iconse, which just used to remain to the left of any “tabs” for running applications, now (sometimes all, sometimes only some) take up the same width as the areas for icon plus name for running applications.

If the screenshot displays correctly, you can see the icons for dolpin and thunderbird at the left, but the icons for firefox and konsole are taking up the same width as the icon/name for their running versions which happen to align below them.
I don’t really care if the pinned icons also display in two rows, but I would much prefer them to all stay to the left of the “tabs” for the running applications. The problem is that when I have more applications running, the “tabs” all become narrower, to the point of not showing almost none of the text at all, making it much harder for me to easily know which is which.
Is there some configuration I can change, or might this be considered a bug, or just a wishlist?

there are a lot of interacting options to play with in the configure menu, for instance you can set it to always display as many columns as rows, or you can add a spacer to the right and force it to group windows, etc.

you can also try the icons only task manager instead, it may be more to your liking.

I definitely do not want icons only (personal preference.) I don’t see anything about as many columns as rows, and although I don’t think I’d want that, I’m happy to play with settings. For adding a spacer, do you mean add to the panel to right of the task manager? I’ll also have to look again about grouping windows, but I have this problem with only one window of any application running at once, so I don’t see how grouping might help.

I also note that any multiple rows of the task manager must fit within the height of the pane. I might file a wish-list to let the panel itself get taller if the task manager needs the space to add another row.

under the behavior tab, there is an “as many columns as rows” and there’s also something about grouping only when the task bar is full as well as keeping icons separate from tasks that all interact with how much space is still available when you add a pacer to the panel to the right of the task manager

you can also try differnernt sorting schemes, but i prefer manual so i and re order them on the fly if need be.

Thanks. I hadn’t fully explored the Behaviors tab. I might find something there. However, I just noticed that clicking “Apply” does not actually apply changes. I have to explicitly click “OK.” I’d call that a bug, but it’s just an inconvenience, and doesn’t prevent me from doing anything.