In Overview effect, if I set more than 3 desktops, I can view only the first one

With 2 desktops

With 3 desktops

Is this normal? How can I access 2nd and 3rd desktop in this case?

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So, Overview effect shows all desktops only if they are all part of one row, or if each row contains only one desktop.

Really such weird mechanism. The notion of rows for virtual desktops has no meaning, except for arranging them as grid on panel or in Grid view.

Overview should consider all desktops, no matter which row they exist, as linear list and not as 2d matrix.


Yup, that’s the one… I now have 3 desktops in 3 rows so they show up on the left - not using Desktop Grid so much these days as I preferred it with a 2x2 grid and my screen is just normal FHD.

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AFAIK this has something to do with “grid” or “no grid” of the VDs - meaning it does not work with 2x2, 2x3, 3x3 etc.

This should be the bug report for “Overview” (but no fix yet AFAICT):

At least we will get back the “Grid View” for screen edges in Plasma 6.1. :slight_smile:

This, too, is annoying - there was a time when I was able to set any command to a screen edge.