In System Monitor, why the app-specific upload/download rates might not work?

I’m talking about the following columns and chart:

My experience varies system-by-system, although all systems were running Plasma 5.27.7 at the time:

  • Debian testing: no table columns (couldn’t even add them), chart present but dead;
  • openSUSE Tumbleweed: everything present and works (screenshot above);
  • Fedora 38: columns present, chart present, nothing works.

Possible reasons for not working?

I’m a bit surprised with the dead silence :slight_smile:

Is this a wrong place to ask questions like this? Where better to ask them, then?

No you’re in the right place, but this is all volunteer-based so it depends on if someone who knows the answer (or knows where to look) hasn’t come across the question yet :frowning: Sorry!

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I’d appreciate knowing at least whether this thing works for KDE devs :slight_smile:

Initially I was really glad to find this; if I’m not mistaken other DEs don’t have it in their process monitors as of today, so it looked like a valuable extra.

Now it looks like I might be the only one trying it out :smiley:

For those columns to appear, it requires libksysguard to be build with libpcap which is a recommended dependency CMakeLists.txt · master · Plasma / libksysguard · GitLab.

In order for it to correctly work the program needs special privileges CAP_NET_RAW. We try to set it in the build process via libcap and/or the distro needs to handle it specially processcore/plugins/network/helper/CMakeLists.txt · master · Plasma / libksysguard · GitLab


Thanks much. Details provided helped me to get this working. Shortly, the problems weren’t with libpcap missing nor build options.

On Debian trixie, the whole libkf5sysguard-bin package containing the ksgrd_network_helper executable seems to be missing from the default KDE dependency tree. Thus both columns and the chart started working after simply apt install libkf5sysguard-bin.

On Fedora 38, ksgrd_network_helper is present (installed with the package libksysguard) but indeed missing the cap_net_raw capability. So making it work is a matter of setcap cap_net_raw+ep /usr/libexec/ksysguard/ksgrd_network_helper.

Not sure why each of these two distros hasn’t made this work out of the box.

Thanks again!


More than likely no one knew until you dug it up. If you have the time, posting the same text you wrote into a packaging bugreport against Debian/Fedora would help them fix this out of the box :slight_smile:

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Yeah, thinking about this, haven’t fully figured out the simplest way to report yet.

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