`index.MD` panel support in Dolphin

As GitLab’s documentation explains an index.MD file can be placed inside a directory so that when a user navigates to it (and scrolls to the bottom of the list of contents, in its implementation) a panel like the standard readMe.MD is displayed.

As a popular Reddit post depicts, I’d love for this to be implemented in the Preview panel when no contents in a directory are selected, or by implementing it as GitLab does.

I’d also like this to work with readMe.MD files, so that I can use Dolphin to more easily manage by Git repositories.

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That might be interesting idea. A related request would be for dolphin to be able to show previews of md files in general.

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@jsalatas, the component necessary to integrate it does exist: README.md · 6a0939b0e9b90ccc46b0769131bd114863c7f76f · Utilities / KMarkdown Webview · GitLab

Yeah I know it exists. I guess it needs to be integrated to the kdegraphics-thumbnailers plugin

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@jsalatas, Bug List returns nothing, so I think I’ll file an issue about this, since it seems to be a really popular request with pretty obvious merit.