Index text from images in Baloo

In iOS, you can search the text in your images, which is a super useful feature.
I know it’d be a whole project to implement an extractor (maybe reuse the OCR code from Digikam?) and store the recognized text for each image, but it’d be a big time saver.

As far as I understand, Baloo would be needed to actually search the automatically extracted text metadata like in iOS

I dunno. Guess all what is needed is a code which scans images by content. The same way pdfgrep searches content in pdf’s. The same way some find tool would find certain text in text files. By content, not by tags. What I would like is, for example, a tool with a search entry that would run through all my local ( or per directory) image files and find those that contain that particular word. Kind of a reversed tesseract tool so to speak.