Individual core usage widget suddenly too small?

I have the individual core usage widget in my toolbar at the bottom of my screen, and for the past week or so it’s been fine, but now it’s incredibly tiny(each bar only about a pixel thin, and some not even showing up), and I can’t figure out how to make it larger. I was going to submit a bug report but it said to come here first.

what happens if you re-create the widget?

there have been far too many to document cases of these monitor widgets going wonky on me and the easiest thing to do is just re-create them.

i’ve also learned to re-create them in place, meaning if they are going to live in a panel, to add the widget to the panel first and then set the sensors and such.

Yeah I’ve tried re-creating it a few times, no luck.

Would I maybe be better off trying Kubuntu as a beginner? I’ve only been on Linux for a couple weeks, but from what I’ve read, neon is slightly less stable but more feature rich, but Kubuntu also is less snappy?

i’m using kubuntu and my 8 core widget on my old pc works fine… when i add a monitor for my 28 core CPU on the new machine i get 28 individual bars

now some do go missing as i shrink the width down tighter and tighter, but if it has enough room horizontally, all the bars show.

i suppose it could be a driver/gpu/monitor issue but i’ve had two different GPUs, two different monitors, and 3 different drivers now and they have all behaved the same… these were all on X11 tho, not wayland.

This widget is currently too small indeed, but a fix has been merged. Look at 487671 – Plasma "system widgets", like "System monitor widget", "Hard Disk activity widget", etc. ar too narrow (tiny) and at Various fixes to compact representation sizes (!351) · Merge requests · Plasma / libksysguard · GitLab . I have no idea when the fix will be available on your distribution.