Info "panel"....sizes of files

Dunno when exactly this started but somehow certain info previews aren’t shown in a proper manner. In the case of jpeg’s it doesn’t make sense at all. Can’t be the size of the files cause larger files show just fine whilst smaller ones are cropped. Happens in Dolphin and Krusader.

What is the issue here? The preview size of the image?

Yes. Some turn up fine. Others, despite being smaller both in dimensions and of course size turn up really small.

What is your monitor resolution?

This is a new issue. Same monitor. Nothing to do with resolution.

Are you sure this is a issue and not a “feature” (intended). Small pictures get small previews, big pictures get big previews?

Huh?? A “feature” ?? Uumm…no.
Two files, about the same size.

Ahh sorry, I see the issue now :slight_smile: .
Ill look if I have the same issue.

Here are two rather small ones ( 800x800) and (1000x1000). No probs.

So, something’s wrong with the filetype ( jpg). If I convert it to png, the preview is fine.

Yep, definitely an extension prob. Tried a couple of other extensions and they work fine. Certain jpeg’s just…shrink in preview.

I can also somewhat reproduce with png. But the shrinking is rather minimal. Don’t have Jpges to test.
E: looks like pictures above my screen resolution shrink just slightly.
E2: how did i manage to get a screenshot above my resolution with spectacle?

Not sure this will do any good:

I can confirm that’s a bug.

Previews should be as big as the view that requests it.

I can reproduce the issue with pictures.

I found the explanation, that’s because some jpeg have in their exif data, previews, that we use unconditionally. We can change that.


Ah, thanks. Not THAT of a biggie, just a bit annoying at times. But hey, a bug is a bug. Again, thanks.
Edit: Correct, it’s the exif data. When stripped, image shows normal.

I have a PR to fix this.