Information "Webcam On" & "Webcam Off" pop up

The background is that I have found NOTHING on the net.

My laptop runs opensuse, latest leap version (15.4), I use KDE Plasma.

All function keys work, great, I am very satisfied.
Now I would like to know what state my webcam is in (switched on or off). Unfortunately, I only have this information via bash. This is implemented for the touchpad (see attached screenshot).

How can I implement something like this for the webcam? I have not found anything. As I said, the function is there (can switch webcam on and off via Fn-F10).

Thanks for any hint,



Looked into this a little - we do no webcam handling at all. Implementing an OSD for this seems to require implementing a bit more, e.g. a full KCM, which is clearly not helpful.

Code for handling the touchpad being enabled/disabled can be seen here:

It wouldn’t necessarily require a full KCM; check out the microphone status notifier in the System Tray. The touchpad stuff isn’t the gratest example as the code is rather messy. The KDED module that controls it doesn’t in principle have anything to do with the KCM.

Right, I did look at that actually. I’d be happy to make this work - but I have no idea where, architecturally, it would be appropriate to put it and how that would be implemented.